Saturday Summary

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around the Corley casa. January brings with it some of the holiday celebrating spirit with the buzz of the new year, closely followed by getting back into the swing of routine life at work. I recently got this adorable clipboard calendar from the Target dollar section to help get me organized for the new year. It’s not available online, so be sure to check out your local Target if you want a bargain calendar for big picture planning. img_6837

My husband and I are also continuing to unpack our things. I’m ashamed to say that I completely forgot I bought this gorgeous piece from Digs Design last year.


I mean, can we just take a minute to check out how beautiful this is?? It’s walnut, with inlaid turquoise for all the waterways, and the base is Alabama marble. I bought mine last year at Southern Makers, which is essentially a locally made goods fair. The event was held at the time at Union Station in Montgomery, where I was also living, but it will be moved to Birmingham for the 2017 event. Digs also sets up a booth at the wildly popular Market at Pepper Place in Birmingham. You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram @digsdesign. And nbd, but they totally shared the above photo on their account!


Back in December, I won a giveaway from our local brewery, Fairhope Brewing Company, and finally claimed my prize when my husband and I went to their weekly trivia night with a group of friends. Though we didn’t win at trivia, I feel that I was a big winner by getting this hilarious t-shirt for free. If you’re not from Alabama, you probably don’t get it, but it plays off of a local billboard urging people to go to church and the never ending Bayway vs. Causeway debate for those of us who have to drive across Mobile Bay on a regular basis (I’m team Causeway all the way). Trivia + craft beer + free t-shirt + supporting the local economy (yes, I’m one of those). Win-win (win win)!


And I want to leave you with this beautiful picture of the tree lights in downtown Fairhope. They go up in November for the Christmas season and stay up through Mardi Gras. I’ll do a whole post on Mardi Gras later after the parades and balls have really kicked off, so stay tuned!

What have y’all been up to in 2017?




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