Shelley Pope Corley

Hey y’all! I have been down the blogging road once or twice before, but here I am yet again with a little more focus and direction. It’s a simple concept, really. This blog will focus on things I like: home decor, food, drink, travel, fashion, beauty, dogs, etc. It’s as simple as that. I’m Shelley Pope Corley, and I like things Southern, Prep, and Chic. You can follow me on Instagram @southern.prep.chic and Pinterest @southernprepchi (I ran out of characters!)

A little bit about me: I’m married and live in Alabama with my husband and two fur babies. No human babies yet, but maybe one day. I am from a rural area. My family owns a beautiful camp, which is where my husband and I were married in 2013 (pictured below). My husband is originally from Dallas, which usually means I get a few metropolitan fixes a year.


So let’s jump right in! It wouldn’t be summer in the South if it wasn’t already 90 degrees every day (seriously, it’s mid-June ahhhh), so I want to start off with a few beach/pool/lake essentials. Even if you’re just splashing in an inflatable pool, to survive a Southern summer, you need a lot of water.

I recently scored these jellies by Jack Rogers during the Nordstrom summer sale. I love them! They’re not only great for the pool, but running errands around town. If you’re familiar with the usual fit of Jacks, these are much more comfortable, and run just a little bit wider.

As my twenties fade away (I turn 30 next month), I find myself growing more modest. Luckily, swimsuit trends have taken a turn for more coverage! I’m loving this one piece from Jessica Simpson. It’s still fun, and I love the bright colors. If you have a long torso, I would order a size up. It matches my new jellies too! I also added this top paired with these bottoms from Victoria’s Secret to my swim collection. Rumor has it this is the last year they will do swimwear, so I had to try the infamous push up top while I had the chance. If you’re truly modest about your chest, it’s not for you. But I loved the pebble print, and it delivers what it advertises!

What are your favorite swimwear and sandals for summer?







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